Theme: The greatness of the Lord Jesus


B1 Greater than angels 1-2:4

B2 The Greatest man 2:5-18

B3 Greater than Moses and Joshua 3-4

B4 The Greatest priest (greater than Aaronic priesthood) 5-7

B5 The Greatest covenant (His is greater than any other) 8-10

C1 Comparison of old and new covenant 8

C2 Comparison of old and new covenant sacrifices 9-10

C3 Comparison of old and new covenant, which is, works VS faith 11-13

D1 Faith of the OT saints 11

D2 Faith in the NT 12

E1 Jesus Christ our example

E2 The importance of chastening

E3 The importance of perseverance

D3 Faith in living our lives

E1 For others 13:1-6

E2 For ourselves: warning against apostasy 13:7-17

E3 For me: pray for me 13:18

E4 Conclusion 13:20-25 The Greats of The Lord Jesus Christ

Main points

B1 God's only begotten Son brings the message instead of prophets. God himself speaks.

B2 THE heir of God the Father (Take note. If God is Father, it means that there had to always be a Son)

B3 The glory of the Son; it is the same glory of God

B4 Those who see Jesus see God

B5 Creator of all

B6 The one who has the power (ability) and authority to continue everything. What He says happens—always.

B7 The one who personally dealt with our sins. He paid the penalty for sins. He was our substitute, out propitiation.

B8 The one who sits right hand of the Father, praying for the believers, and waiting to return for us.

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