A Few Thoughts On 1 Timothy 1:17

A Few Thoughts On 1 Timothy 1:17

1 Timothy 1:17 PickNT Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

Note: Dr Pickering footnotes about the word wise: Most modern versions, following 2% of the Greek manuscripts (of dubious quality), omit ‘wise’, leaving ‘the only God’.

The sentence:

B1 Honor and glory are the subject

B2 Be is the verb and understood, for it is not in the Greek.

B3 King and God are the dative (indirect object)

B4 So the sentence would be (please correct me if wrong): Honor and glory be to God and King.

B5 God and King refers to one being.

B6 Eternal, immortal, invisible are used to describe King.

B7 Alone is wise is used to describe God.

B8 Forever and ever is used to describe honor and glory.

Yahweh is described as

B1 God

C1 Only wise

B2 King

C1 Eternal

C2 Immortal

C3 Invisible

Because of the above, Paul (and so we) give God

B1 Glory

B2 Honor

This glory is to be given

B1 Forever

B2 And ever

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