A Few Thoughts on Psalm 69 Regarding Being Abused

A Few Thoughts on Psalm 69 and the Plight of the Abused Person
The abused and controlled suffer beyond what words can express. There are several sites online to read them if you wish.
Psalm 69 is the words of one who is abused. The situation is unknown.
A not from Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown: This Psalm is referred to seven times in the New Testament as prophetical of Christ and the gospel times.
Save me, O God! The water is already up to my neck! I am sinking in deep mud. There is nothing to stand on. I am in deep water. A flood is sweeping me away. 
A description of becoming overwhelmed. The feeling of one who absolutely cannot take any more but is stuck in a situation. The Psalmist not only feels helpless but also hopeless.
I am exhausted from crying for help. My throat is hoarse. My eyes are strained from looking for my God.
The Psalmist has been praying continuously for relief and for the abuse to stop, but the Psalmist feels God does not answer or deliver. Many times, God allows others to understand that abuse is happening. God does this, so that he/she/they can help the abused to find deliverance and safety. Frequently, those who understand are not willing to help the abused.
Those who hate me for no reason outnumber the hairs on my head. Those who want to destroy me are mighty.
The abuser/s have control. They have power. They are assisted by those who join in. So many abused people find their pastors and pastor’s wives support and believe the abuser. The same will NOT believe the abused. For example, of some stories see Spiritual Abuse & Domestic Violence – A Call for Stories and scroll down to the comments.
They have no reason to be my enemies.
I am forced to pay back what I did not steal.
This is from lies, slander, identity theft, pressure, etc.
O God, you know my stupidity, and the things of which I am guilty are not hidden from you.
God knows the truth. The abused are so verbally abused by being called stupid and much worse that self-esteem and self-ability are lost. These poor folks feel they can do nothing. The abuser is full of lies.
The application to all of us is to believe the abused until further information is available. Here are a couple of pages listing information to know if one is abused and to help find help:
C3 If you’re in the USA, the hotline number and site is The National Domestic Hotline. 1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)
C4 When we are aware that abuse is happening, we must act. There is no excuse not to help. Some suggestions are here:
C5 Awareness: See Relationships Safety and Violence (This is a PDF).
Do not let those who wait with hope for you be put to shame because of me, O Almighty LORD of Armies. Do not let those who come to you for help be humiliated because of me, O God of Israel.
The Psalmist cares for others. Often the abused is concerned with his/her children.
Indeed, for your sake I have endured insults.
The abuser loves doing this. Often, it is because they enjoy it. Their greatest joy, it seems, is to hurt.
Humiliation has covered my face.
The feelings many abused feel in public. It also applies to many who are re-abused by those who do not believe them.
 I have become a stranger to my own brothers, a foreigner to my mother’s sons.
Abusers like to move away from the abused’s family. The family is usually the greatest support and help. Abusers know this, so get them to move far away. Then they can abuse more freely.
Indeed, devotion for your house has consumed me, and the insults of those who insult you have fallen on me.
Many of the abused pray and go to church, but the church and pastoral staff abuse them even more.
I cried and fasted, but I was insulted for it.
The abuser frequently mocks the abused when they see the abused suffering.
 I dressed myself in sackcloth, but I became the object of ridicule. Those who sit at the gate gossip about me, and drunkards make up songs about me.
The abused suffer from the abuser’s friends.
  May my prayer come to you at an acceptable time, O LORD. O God, out of the greatness of your mercy, answer me with the truth of your salvation. Rescue me from the mud. Do not let me sink into it. I want to be rescued from those who hate me and from the deep water. Do not let floodwaters sweep me away. Do not let the ocean swallow me up, or the pit close its mouth over me. Answer me, O LORD, because your mercy is good. Out of your unlimited compassion, turn to me. I am in trouble, so do not hide your face from me. Answer me quickly! Come close, and defend my soul. Set me free because of my enemies. You know that I have been insulted, put to shame, and humiliated. All my opponents are in front of you. Insults have broken my heart, and I am sick. I looked for sympathy, but there was none. I looked for people to comfort me, but I found no one. They poisoned my food, and when I was thirsty, they gave me vinegar to drink.
B1 The abused continue to pray. At least, there is one who cares and will listen. This is a wonderful blessing that Yahweh will listen to us intently and caringly as often as we need.
B2 See the resources listed above. There is no excuse not to help someone when we notice they are abused.
  Let the table set for them become a trap and a snare for their friends. Let their vision become clouded so that they cannot see. Let their thighs continually shake. Pour your rage on them. Let your burning anger catch up with them. Let their camp be deserted and their tents empty. They persecute the one you have struck, and they talk about the pain of those you have wounded. Charge them with one crime after another. Do not let them be found innocent. Let their names be erased from the Book of Life. Do not let them be listed with righteous people. I am suffering and in pain. Let your saving power protect me, O God.
The abused ask God to judge the abuser. The bastard, evil abuser will get punishment. The faster the better.
  I want to praise the name of God with a song. I want to praise its greatness with a song of thanksgiving. This will please the LORD more than sacrificing an ox or a bull with horns and hoofs. Oppressed people will see this and rejoice. May the hearts of those who look to God for help be refreshed. The LORD listens to needy people. He does not despise his own who are in prison. Let heaven and earth, the seas, and everything that moves in them, praise him. When God saves Zion, he will rebuild the cities of Judah. His servants will live there and take possession of it. The descendants of his servants will inherit it. Those who love him will live there.
When God delivers, all will be happy except for the abuser. We don’t know when God delivers, but He will. GOD WILL GIVE YOU THE STRENGTH TO LEAVE. You can. There are many resources to help; see above.
In any emergency, call 911 if in the USA.
Regarding the Messianic meaning of this passage, see here:
B2 Psalm 69 – The restoration and the zeal of the Lord (As always be a Berean as I don’t know much about the site).
A Few Thoughts on Psalm 69 Regarding Being Abused
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