The Many Forms of Lying

To honor the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil ways and false words. Proverbs 8:13​​​​​​​
False words, lying, saying one thing but meaning something else. Not only does this apply to false words but also false actions.
A tale of false actions.
A pair of farmers took out crop insurance, but then did many things to sabotage their crop. After the crop failure, they would collect on their crop insurance.
“Farmers can buy insurance to protect themselves in case they lose their crops to natural disasters such as floods, drought or hail. It also covers policy holders if prices for agricultural commodities decline and revenue drops. An article posted on tells about two brothers who sabotaged their own potato crops in order to collect millions of dollars in federal assistance.
The story states…”
It took a while to uncover the fraud, but indeed it was. Now the farmers are going to have a little vacation—in prison.
Two other concepts from the Bible:
  • But if you do not do so, then take note, you have sinned against the LORD; and be sure your sin will find you out. Numbers 32:23, NKJV. That is your sin will catch up with you and be oblivious.
  • Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. Galatians 6:7, NKJV
All forms of lying will eventually be known. It is better to tell the truth.
If we all lived by God’s rules, life would be better.
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The Many Forms of Lying
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