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Traders not traitors


In some ways these are traitors, too.

Some people in the Bible have made some horrible decisions. After the decision was made, it was too late. We can learn not to make the same type of decisions.

How about Adam?

Adam traded the position of prince of the world for a piece of fruit.

Adam traded a loving marriage for a piece of fruit.

Adam traded a perfect environment for a piece of fruit.

Adam traded life for death for a piece of fruit.

Bad decision Adam. Genesis 3:6-19.

How about Esau?

He traded all the rights and blessings of his heritage for a bowl of stew.

Some of the rights and blessing included

1. Financial inheritance–Isaac was very rich Genesis 25:5, Genesis 13:2, Genesis 24:35

2. God’s blessings of family priesthood, inheritance of the Holy Land, and the blessing of being in the ancestry of Messiah.

How about Judas?

Judas traded a position as Apostle and a ruler in the Kingdom of heaven for a few dollars. Matthew 19:28

Some have estimated that the 30 pieces of silver would be about 15 ounces.

At $14.25 ounce it would be worth $427.50 at today’s price.

The buying power of that though would be enough to buy a piece of land. Matthew 27:7

These are just three examples of people who traded wonderful blessings for some stupid piece of pleasure that only lasted a few minutes to a few days. The worst trade though is those who trade their soul for a few fleeting pleasures of this life. Compare Moses in Hebrews 11:24-25. See Luke 8:14, Titus 3:3, and Mark 8:36

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Traders not traitors

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