Is Christianity a less intelligent worldview than atheism?

Is Christianity a less intelligent worldview than atheism?
Why or why not?
A1 Problem (according to the atheist)
B1 Atheism is based on reason and logic.
B2 Christianity is based on blind faith in imaginary beings.
B3 Many modern day scholars have questioned the reliability of the Gospels and the real intentions of Jesus and what He wanted to do. Many have stated that Jesus did not intend to establish a new religion and himself as Messiah. These scholars offer suggestions of reforming Judaism to overthrowing the Romans. (For a discussion of this from a Roman Catholic view see here).
A2 Answers
B1 Christianity is a reasonable faith, not blind faith.
B2 Jesus is a real, historical being.
C1 First century Christians (the Bible and early church fathers) and non-Christians write about a historical Jesus. See here and here
C2 The Gospels in particular and the whole of the New Testament was written when witnesses pro and con were still alive and could refute these writings.
B3 The scholars mentioned above accept some sayings and teachings of Jesus and reject others. They accept those sayings and teachings that lend credence to their views. It is best to take it all as real history or simply reject it as fiction.
B4 J. Warner Wallace offers the view of the chain of evidence from his book (Cold Case Christianity) and regarding the reliability of the New Testament here.
A3 Sources

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