When It All Comes Crashing Down
Theme: When life falls apart
Scripture: Job 1:1-2:3
A1 Outline
B1 The background–Job, his character, his family Job 1:1-1:5
B2 The accuser attacks Job–satan, job, Yahweh Job 1:6-12
B3 The first attack–Job loses family and all belongings Job 1:13-22
B4 The second attack–Job loses his health Job 2:1-10 (for our study specifically looking at Yahweh’s response to satan about Job).
A2 Notes and Questions
B1 The background
C1 Uz–the general area is western Saudi Arabia. It is east of Israel.
C2 Job–husband, father, business, rancher, farmer, etc.
B2 What do the Scriptures say about Job’s character?
C1 Blameless
D1 This is not sinless. Blameless would be one who strives follow God’s laws. Blameless would be who asks forgiveness from God, ask for wisdom, strength, and success in doing God’s will. See 2 Peter 3:14. For examples see Joshua 2:17 and Matthew 12:5.
C2 Upright–Being an upright person would be someone who strives to do things according to God’s way of life. See Psalm 119:128
C3 Fears God–Fear as in afraid. Why fear? God is judge, and someday we have to give an account of ourselves (as Christians. Romans 14:12) or face the wrath of God (as non-Christian, Revelation 20:11-15)
C4 Shuns evil–evil is thinking and/or doing opposite of what God would do and act.
B3 What was Job’s concern for his children?
B4 What is satan doing? (Job 1:6-7)
B5 What is God’s question to satan? What is satan’s answer? Why does satan answer this way?
B6 Was it God’s decree and will for Job’s children to be murdered and all possessions lost? (No) Why did God allow this?
B7 Job 1:16, was the witness correct when he stated, “The fire of God…?”
B8 Job 1:21-22, what was Job’s response to his loss? How would we handle this?
B9 Job 1:21, did God give? Did God take away? Who did the taking away?
B10 Can satan kill? John 8:44
B11 Ever have a bad day? How do we respond?
B12 What are some of the most horrible things that happened in your life?
B13 How do we handle false witness, bullying, slander, libel, etc.?
B14 Do we only serve God because things are good, only to have our best life now, only to see our “seed” faith make us rich?
B15 Why is there evil and bad things in the world? Isn’t God a god of love? Isn’t He strong enough to prevent it?
C1 Considerations
D1 Challenges
E1 Epicurus:
F1 Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
F2 Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent?
F3 Is he both able and willing? Then whence comes evil?
F4 Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?
E2 Atheist (one version)
F1 A good God would destroy evil.
F2 An all-powerful God could destroy evil.
F3 Evil is not destroyed.
F4 Therefore, there cannot possibly be such a good and powerful God.
D2 What is good?
D3 What is bad/evil?
E1 Absence of good? But pain helps medical personnel make a diagnosis.
E2 Frustration of human values (source)?
E3 Breaking God’s law?
E4 Punishment for breaking the law?
C2 We’ve covered this before, but the basics are
D1 God created everything good. There was no evil on earth.
D2 Adam disobeyed God, that is, Adam sinned.
D3 God punishes sin and curses the world and everything in/on it. This is the evil we face today. It is because of sin. Adam sinned, and so do all of us.
B16 When our world falls apart, does that mean that God is against us? (Maybe, compare Job and King David (2 Samuel 12:1-13 Psalms 51.) Both had “evil” things happen. One was righteous; the other an adulterer and murderer).
B17 For the believer as Job, what is to be our response to evil?
B18 For the believer as King David, what is to be our response to evil?
B19 Why would God allow satan into heaven and accuse Job?
B20 Why would God allow satan to bring evil on Job?
B21 Is all evil caused by the devil?
B22 Who did Job think was his accuser? Was he correct? (He thought it was God, when it reality (truth) it was satan).
C1 Jesus was falsely accused, Matthew 27:12
C2 The Apostle Paul, Acts 24.
C3 The end of the accuser, Revelation 12:10.
B23 What do we learn about accusers? How do we handle, respond to, false accusers?
C1 Do not blame God, for this is what the false accuser wants.
C2 Do not lose your composure, for this will make the false accuser happy.
C3 Pray.
C4 Tell them, “Have a good day,” then leave. Most, if not all, false accusers do not want to discuss or hear the truth.
C5 How did Jesus handle the false accusers in Matthew 27:12?
C6 What did Job do? Job 1:20-22.
B24 According to the lesson, satan often accuses someone of their motives? How do you feel about this?
B25 Have you ever lost it all? How did you respond? How are we to respond?
B26 How much power does satan have? Is there a limit to his power?
B27 What is the ultimate aim of the accuser (satan)?
B28 Why do people blame God for their problems?
B29 What and who causes the injustices we see and experience in the world?
B30 Has God ever experience injustice, suffering, and “evil?” (Jesus died. He was sinless and innocent).
B31 What attitudes and actions have you and I displayed in trials?
B32 How do we help each other in these evil things?

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