A1 Christian proofs 1 John 5:1-4
B1 Belief
C1 Jesus is the Christ
C2 The Messiah from all eternity
C3 The Messiah of Jews and Gentiles
C4 My Messiah
B2 Love
C1 For the Father
C2 For fellow believers
B3 Obey
C1 God’s commandments
C2 Not Old Testament law but the New Testament rules given 
D1 By Jesus directly
D2 By Jesus through the Apostles
C3 In thoughts, desires, words, and deeds
C4 Not burdensome (compare the difficulty of Old Testament law)
B4 Overcome
C1 World (the system with its
D1 Beliefs
D3 Actions
C5 Condition to be able to overcome (born again)
B1 Faith
C1 Believes God
D1 What He says (Scriptures)
D2 What He does (for example, the miracles the Lord Jesus did)
C2 Has the element of trust, too. We need both for salvation. We must meet God’s conditions.
C3 The necessity to overcome
A2 Christian overcoming 1 John 5:5-12
B1 Faith
C1 Jesus is the Son of God
C2 Jesus our example
D1 He overcame the world
D2 He came by water and blood
B2 Identity
C1 Witnesses
D1 Heavenly
E1 God the Father 
E2 God the Son
E3 God the Holy Spirit (1 John 5:7 is questionable authority, but see the writings of Dean John Burgon)
D2 Earthly
E1 Water
E2 Blood
C3 Accepting testimony/witness
D1 Challenge do we accept the testimony of a man but not God’s?
D2 Faith is 
E1 Reasonable
E2 Personal
E3 Deciding
B3 True faith VS False faith
C1 Believe God’s testimony
D1 Eternal life
D2 The life of the Son
C2 Not believe God’s testimony
D1 No eternal life
D2 No life of the Son
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