A Luke Devotion

A Devotion from Luke 7:41-50

We learn from this:

  • Jesus can forgive sins

  • Jesus forgave these sins before the cross showing us that the OT saints had forgiveness in looking forward to Messiah, our Passover Lamb.

  • The Lord Jesus did not require her to keep the Law or practice it. It is not even mentioned. What is mentioned is “faith,” which is believing God. Faith in Jesus brought forgiveness of sins.

  • The Gospel has been, is, and always will be the same. There is only one Gospel.

  • Some have more sins than others.

  • Those who are forgiven much often love more.

  • Jesus can forgive a few sins as well as many sins.

  • Religion does not save.

  • Keeping the Law, as the Pharisee did, does not forgive sins. This is because the heart is evil and desperately wicked.

  • We have peace with God, because of the forgiveness that He gives.

  • We are now to obey Him.

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