Often the excuse for some sin is “I was raised that way,” or “I can’t help it, because I was abused.” Now abuse is horrible and has no excuse, but for an abuser or any other sin that cannot be an excuse.

Here is an excellent article by Pastor Jeff Crippen. It is addressed mainly to narcissistic abusers, but it certainly applies to all sinners.

It is quite common for abusers to claim that they were abused when they were children and, when cornered, offer this as an excuse for their abuse of others. We must not permit them to do so. Let me explain why.

Firstly, there are many, many, many people in this world who were abused as children but who are not abusers themselves. And there are abusers who were not abused as children. The one simply does not automatically lead to the other (i.e., childhood abuse produces abusers). Secondly, the Lord does not accept this as an excuse for wickedness. Each of us… If you are abused, know someone who is abused, or if you are an abuser, then this ministry can help you.

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