But Satan Hindered Us
1 Thessalonians 2:18 WEL Therefore, we would have come to you, even I, Paul, over and over again, but Satan hindered us.
The context shows Satan preventing Paul and his team of evangelists from coming to Thessalonica.
Satan hinders Christians.
He will hinder us from doing God’s will, enjoying God’s peace and joy, knowing the blessings of forgiveness, and confidence in His promises.
We have the potential to be discouraged, troubled, sad, and defeated.
Because satan hinders, we must pray. Prayer should be one of the most important times for our worship whether in church with other believers or by ourselves in the field.
Pray will not manipulate God, but it is our worship of thanksgiving for God’s blessings, supporting our fellow believers in trials, asking for wisdom in our everyday issues, and mentioning our sorrows.
We will be hindered, but we can pray.
So, pray today for others then yourself. Life is rough.
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