7 Examples of Evil Pastor’s Leadership and Counsel

Read this today, and it was good enough that I had to copy and paste it here.
Sheila Wray Gregoire writes:
B1 If a pastor/writer/teacher tells you that disagreeing with them means that you’re disobeying Scripture or rejecting God, that’s wrong. It’s okay to examine things for yourself.
B2 If a pastor tells you that you shouldn’t listen to your instincts (really the Holy Spirit’s voice inside of you), because you’re more easily deceived, that’s wrong.
B3 If you go to a pastor/leader with a problem because you’re feeling dismissed and vulnerable, and you’re told that you have no reason to feel that way because no one is doing anything wrong to you, and the problem is you, that’s wrong. You matter, and what you feel matters.
B4 If a pastor/leader tells you that it’s understandable if someone treats you badly simply because you didn’t ask in the right way, that’s wrong.
B5 If a pastor/leader puts more onus on one person to act like Jesus than another, that’s wrong.
B6 If a pastor/leader gives one person in the relationship the power to determine if the other person is acting according to Christ, that’s wrong. Whether or not you’re doing right is about whether you’re acting like Christ, not whether someone approves of you.
B7 If a pastor/leader tells you that the way you follow Jesus is by following another person, that’s wrong.
The link. The quote is towards the bottom of the page.
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