My Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to preach and live the Gospel, defend the faith (apologetics), and serve God every moment of our lives.

Philosophical statement

We believe that the Bible is the only source of 100% truth. We are Christians who believe in Jesus Messiah, God the Son, and all He teaches. We are to live according to His teaching and rules. We are to serve and worship Him in love and thankfulness. Our purpose is to fellowship with God and serve Him forever.

Action statement

We believe that we are to believe the Gospel, preach the Gospel, and live the Gospel according to the teaching of our King and Lord, Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Bible. To this end we worship in prayer, singing, and service as He commanded. We believe apologetics are very important to answer questions about God, the Bible, the Christian faith, family, marriage, social ills, etc.

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