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Devotional Notes Psalm 119+John 7

Psalm 119
B1 What does this mean?
C1 This Psalm plus Psalms 1 and 19, teach much about Scripture.
C2 Psalms 119:1-3 OEB Happy they whose life is blameless, who walk by the law of the LORD. 2 Happy they who keep his charges, and seek him with all their hearts; 3 who have done no wrong, but walk in his ways.
D1 Blameless because we are not and cannot be sinless. Philippians 2:15 OEB so as to prove yourselves blameless and innocent—‘faultless children of God, in the midst of an evil-disposed and perverse generation,’ in which you are seen shining like stars in a dark world,
D2 Walking equals living our lives and having a worldview and lifestyle that God approves.
D3 Keep equals obey.
D4 Seek Him is to ask for wisdom, guidance, help, deliverance, etc. It is communicating with God.
D5 All their hearts refers to reality instead of faking it.
D6 There are 2 ways to liveGod’s way or not God’s way.
B2 How do I apply this to my life? Help me to elevate your word, your teaching, your ways above my ways or any ways of any teacher.
John 7
B1 What does this mean?
C1 Jesus At the Feast of Tabernacles and Teaches
D1 Verse 1, think of all the blessings that never happened because of the attitudes. What blessings do we miss by our rebellion?
D2 Verse 3-4, Jesus was very open. What are they thinking?
D3 Verse 7, the reason Jesus’s brothers did not believe in Him, nor most people, was because He exposed their sins. Exposing sins is something God does, in order that we will repent.
D4 Verse 14, we can have the fear of humans or the fear of God. Fear is a fear of judgment. These Jews did not want their evil religious leaders judging them, condemning them, and throwing them out of Temple life. Their fear should be the God’s judgment in His judging them, condemning them, and throwing them out of the Kingdom of God. Let me be wise, O God.
D5 Verse 18, how many religious speakers are promoting themselves instead of God. I’ve seen standing ovations for some preachers. I know others that make much money promoting their books.
D6 Verse 19, these people knew the Law, but they did not do it.
D7 Verses 20-24, note how no one answers His questions. I need to ponder on how would I have answered if I lived then? A principle is taught here that we must make righteous and true decisions when judging someone’s character and actions. There may be another explanation for what we think they are doing.
C2 The Attempted Arrest of Jesus
D1 Verse 25, they knew people was trying to have Jesus killed. Those who wanted it were the religious leaders. We see the method of how these religious leaders solve a problem; it is to murder. Do we still see this solution being carried out today? If not kill, then try to destroy their character, their business, etc.
D2 Verse 30, maybe incidents like this gave Judas Iscariot a false hope when he betrayed Jesus.
D3 Verse 34, the reason these people could not come with Jesus is because they are evil. They refuse to repent of their evil, acknowledge their evil, or believe Jesus’s teaching.
D4 Verse 38, these blessings are the result of the Holy Spirit’s work in us.
D5 Verse 39 refers to everything from the Resurrection and beyond.
D6 Verse 42, they either had been wrongly instructed or believed in error. They could have searched the Scriptures to find out.
C3 The Jewish Leaders Do Not Believe
D1 Verse 48, Nicodemus and Joseph were secret believers for many years.
D2 Verse 49, the Scribes taught and interpreted the Scriptures, and the Pharisees were the ones who lived it out in their lives.
D3 Verse 52, I wonder if Nic went and searched the Scriptures.
B2 How do I apply this to my life? As above.
Devotional Notes Psalm 119+John 7 Published 17 Apr 20
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