Why Are People So Angry?

A post by Ray Comfort​​​​​​​

Facebook entry 12 February 15

Ray in your own opinion, why are people so angry?” Matty Branagh

The above question was asked in reference to the thousands of abusive comments on this and other Christian sites (most of which don’t get by our moderators).

The Internet, Hollywood, TV, magazines, etc., have flooded this world with sexual perversion, violence, blasphemy, fornication, homosexuality, adultery, and a godless worldview. As each nation gives itself to what the Bible calls “gross” darkness, the more it hates the light. Or to put it another way, the greater the criminal, the more he despises the rule of law.

As Christians, we stand for the rule of Law among those whom the Bible says are desperately wicked criminals, of which we were once a part. We are the ultimate “wet blanket” for sin loving sinners. Every time we speak the truth, it is like light exposing darkness. We remind them the God requires an account, and such produces what we often call “conviction” (an unpleasant sense of guilt).

Take for example a man who argues with his wife and suddenly realizes that she is right. He is in the wrong. He has two avenues of action. He can either humble himself and apologize, or he can keep his pride by becoming angry, slamming the door and leaving.

So it is when proud sinners begin to see that we are speaking the truth, they have two avenues. They can either humble themselves before the God they have offended, or they can become angry and abuse those who represent Him.

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