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A Few Thoughts about Loss, Grief, and Anger

A Question about Loss I want to answer a question. (Source) Here is what a father asked concerning his child: He’s very angry with God and his issues seem to be summed up in the problem of evil. He acknowledges God is, but “I don’t want to worship him when he messed up my life and took my brother”. Anyone have a handle on how to deal with this? Any experience with a similar situation?…

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A Few Thoughts about Collectivism versus Individualism

Definitions B1 Collectivism C1 Collectivism, any of several types of social organization in which the individual is seen as being subordinate to a social collectivity such as a state, a nation, a race, or a social class. Collectivism may be contrasted with individualism (q.v.), in which the rights and interests of the individual are emphasized. (Source Further information is found there) C2 Collectivism refers to moral principle or ethical system characterized by subordination of an…

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Purpose in Living

Introduction Consider this insight from Ben Shapiro: In other words, people need meaning and purpose in life. Our focus on materialism from both the political right and left — on income inequality and intersectional victimhood from the left, and on tribal affinity and economic deregulation from the right — ignores the key problem: Americans, particularly young Americans, increasingly don’t feel that their lives have purpose. This isn’t a problem that can be cured by redistributing…

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A Letter to Anna Duggar

Please read this letter. It is from one suffering woman to another. Abuse of any form is evil. These evil abusers are agents of satan to destroy their spouse’s faith and the faith of the children. May God continue to help the abused, give them wisdom, give them people to listen and believe them, strength, and peace. Let us help the brokenhearted as the Lord Jesus did, does, and will do. Psalm 34:18, Psalm 109:16,…

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A Few Thoughts about Psalm 81

Please read Psalm 81 NIrV Inspired by Yahweh Written by Asaph Written to Israel The Psalmist reminds Israel through a song of God’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt (Exodus 3:8, Exodus 6:6, and Exodus 12:51). So, we learn that Messiah is Israel’s deliverer (Zechariah 12-14 and Romans 11:26). Christians know that He is also our deliverer (1 Thessalonians 1:10 and Hebrews 2:14-15). Then the Psalmist, speaking for God, reminds Israel that God is King of…

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A Few Thoughts about Truth, Critical Thinking, and Guilt

“Absent reason, faith will simply be based on emotion. We will never out-emote the pagan,” said Steve Deace. The conscience is collectively becoming seared. People will not/cannot admit they are their own problem. The Sower B1 This parable is found in Matthew 13:3-23, Mark 4:3-20, and Luke 8:4-15. B2 Jesus teaches C1 That the Gospel is preached and has an effect. C2 For some, it is D1 Hearing but becoming distracted, forgetting, and not responding.…

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The Thinking Christian

Why are you a Christian? Perhaps, you are considering it. Perhaps, you are reasonable. – We need to be a little skeptical in life. – There is a place for wondering if Christianity is reasonable faith. – There is the Gospel. There is the imitating of salvation by the Holy Spirit, for no human can seek God (Romans 3:11). There is hearing or reading the Gospel. There is conviction (again the Holy Spirit’s work). There…

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Mother’s Day 2021

The first mother was Eve. Of Eve, it can be said B1 She has a different spirit than Adam C1 Adam D1 Covered-up his sin D2 Blamed Eve and God for his sin D3 Did not admit and confess his sin D4 Because of Adam’s sin, the world was cursed. D5 Adam received no promises, just cursed. C2 Eve D1 Confessed her sin, “I was deceived, and ate.” D2 The world was not cursed because…

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A Few Thoughts about Death in the Bible

Specially, I’m addressing the concept of eternal death, and how it is described in the Bible. An example is Daniel 12:2 NRSV Many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. Why doesn’t God state everlasting life and everlasting death? Everlasting death is not used because death is associated with cessation of existence. Death brings cessation of physical life but…

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