B2 Overview of the Old Testament – Psalms By Arend Remmers
B3 Note on outlines (from Bible Analyzer outline module)
These outlines are derived from the chapter headings of the 1611 edition of the King James Bible. They have been updated to modern spelling and some entries have a slightly modified word order. Though derived from the AV, they will work with any translation and provide a concise outline of the entire Bible.
Psalm 1
B1 Outline (based on NLT)
C1 1-3 The happiness of the godly
C2 4-6 The unhappiness of the ungodly
B2 Psalm 1 teaches us
C1 There are 2 kingdoms. God’s and satan’s.
C2 There are 2 worldviews. God’s and satan’s.
C3 There are 2 lifestyles. God’s and satan’s.
C4 There are 2 ways of life, 2 sources of wisdom, 2 types of counselors, etc.
B3 Verse 1 There are 3 types of people we are not to have close association or partnership with.
C1 Ungodly refers to what is morally evil. IN TWOT it is written it denotes the negative behavior of evil thoughts, words and deeds, a behavior not only contrary to God’s character, but also hostile to the community and which at the same time betrays the inner disharmony and unrest of a man.
C2 Sinners is a criminal regarding God’s law. In TWOT, it is written that this word designates a habitual sinner who is subject to punishment because of his or her practice.
C3 Mockers is, according to TWOT, the scorner (Qal participial form) himself may be described as proud and haughty (Prov 21:24), incorrigible (Prov 9:7), resistant to all reproof (Prov 9:8; 15:12), and hating any rebuke (Prov 13:1). Wisdom and knowledge easily elude him (Prov 14:6). So despicable is the scorner that he may be labelled as odious to all men (Prov 24:9).
B4 Verse 2 Instead of seeking counsel from the classes of people in verse 1, we start with the wisdom of Yahweh and those who study His wisdom which is recorded in the Scriptures. Meditate is not a mindless activity in passivity but an active pondering the meaning of the text.
B5 Verse 3 Rather than leading to death, God’s wisdom leads to life. See James 3:17.
B6 Verse 4 Chaff indicates death. There is no life in chaff. Compare Jeremiah 23:28 NLT.
B7 Verse 5 At the time of judgment, they will not be able to withstand the charges and evidence brought against them and will be punished. Compare Ecclesiastes 12:14, Malachi 3:2, and Malachi 3:18.
B8 Verse 6 Note the contrast.
C1 The Lord watches has the idea of care, protection, and love. Those who have faith and trust in the Lord are precious to Him. Our lives (the path of life) are important to Him. Compare Jude 1:24-25, John 10:14, 2 Timothy 2:19, and Matthew 5:3-12.
C2 The opposite is true of those who resist, reject, and refuse God, His kingdom, His worldview, and lifestyle. See Proverbs 14:12, Psalm 37:20, and Isaiah 26:10 NLT.
B9 There are only 2 ways. One leads to all that is good, and the other leads to shame and destruction.
Christian life, Wicked and righteous contrasted, Book of Psalms


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