Please read this letter. It is from one suffering woman to another. Abuse of any form is evil. These evil abusers are agents of satan to destroy their spouse’s faith and the faith of the children. May God continue to help the abused, give them wisdom, give them people to listen and believe them, strength, and peace. Let us help the brokenhearted as the Lord Jesus did, does, and will do. Psalm 34:18, Psalm 109:16, Psalm 147:3, and Luke 4:18 NKJV.


Dear Anna,

You don’t know me. But I want you to know, you are not alone. You are going through an impossible situation right now. You are in a spot you could never have imagined when you were falling deeply in love with Josh. I can guess that, in the beginning, you just knew this was going to be your happily-ever-after. Josh loved you, his family loved you, you belonged to the same faith, you both believed in and served the same God. Heaven’s windows of blessings were open… your life was going to be a perfect, blessed, Christian piece of Heaven on Earth. I know… because I’ve been there. I believed that about my life as well.

And now…

And now… Through no fault of your own, (let me repeat that to help it sink in), through no fault of your own, the whole thing is…

destroyed? smashed? shattered? is there even a word that takes in the entirety and breadth of what has happened to you and your children? I am so sorry. I truly am so, so sorry.

I remember the pain as I forced myself to rise in the morning to go try to be a good mom to my sweet children. They were older than yours are now when things fell apart for me, but you know…

Read the rest here. It is so relevant to what is happening today to many Christians.

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