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A father’s role is crucial to his child’s success in a number of ways. Studies have shown that preschoolers, both male and female, whose fathers are actively involved in their upbringing tend to be more outgoing, adaptable, and accepting of challenge.

If you’re a father, here are some ways you can have a more powerful influence in your child’s life:

1. Find at least one activity you and your child can enjoy doing together: hiking, biking, tennis, or just walking. then make the time to do it on a regular basis.
2. Help (but don’t force!) your child to develop hobbies and get involved in a few extracurricular activities. Show interest by attending performances and sports events. If you can find the time, become a sponsor or volunteer.
3. As your child grows, work to become less the disciplinarian and more the mentor. During the teen years, remember how important it is that the two of you make the transition from parent and child to adult and adult. Take it from a dad whose children are both adults with children of their own, the teen years set long-standing precedents in the father-child relationship. Make sure they’re positive ones.
4. Communicate! Always encourage your child to use you as a sounding board to talk about any personal or social issue. Make the time to talk with your teenager about the future. In all these ways, you can help your son or daughter clarify and develop a permanent set of sound, positive values.
5. Love your child’s mother with all your heart. Show your child not only what being a good dad is all about but, as well, what being a good husband is all about.

Last, but by no means least, remember that a child is never too old to be told “I love you.”

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