Things I’ve Learned the Past Few Weeks

  • Jesus has not forgotten us. This is most important because real Christianity has a Savior who is the greatest counselor, physician, leader, friend, etc.

  • The promises given to Christians have a greater meaning to me.

  • I’m weaker than I think; it has been a time of humbling and seeing that I can’t be as independent as I want to be.

  • Other Christians are wandering around just like us, which has given us times of prayer and mutual sympathy.

  • Friends and family have not forgotten us.

  • Mold allergies bring on other symptoms. Diphenylamine helps me when I get dizzy and lightheaded from environmental poisons especially exhaust fumes. Even smaller towns (less then 15,000) have a lot of fumes, which usually makes me very dizzy (counterclockwise sight), a feeling like my brain is scrapping my skull, and pain; all of which is totally relieved by diphenylamine (Benadryl). Avoidance is better than medicine. My healthcare providers (God bless them) have told me my medicines that I take are the best and avoidance, avoidance, avoidance.

  • The most important message is this. Life is short. Death will come. We do sin (lie, steal, hate, blaspheme, covet, etc.) which do bring punishment. Jesus did take this punishment on Himself. Meeting His conditions of faith and trust in Him will bring His forgiveness and a hope of eternal life. Life is shorter than we think.

God bless you all.


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