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4 Things that are good for every person

  1. Hear 

  2. Teach 

  3. Deliver 

  4. Wait 

Psalm 27:7-14 

Hear me 

  1. Means to listen. He is asking God to please listen to my prayer. It is always good to pray when there is a need or not. 

  2. Have mercy. Mercy is, even though we deserve punishment or the consequences of our wrong decisions, we do not get the punishment or consequences we deserve. Mercy is not getting what we deserve. We also need to show mercy to others since we have received mercy (Luke 10:37, Jude 1:23). 

  3. Answer. He wants a positive answer from God. God always answers prayer. The answer might be yes, no, or wait. The yes may be different then what we are expecting. We may pray to be hired for a certain job, but we may not get it, for God knows it to be better to have another one, or He wants us to learn something. 

  4. Seek. No human seeks God. Mankind as a collective or individually have no desire to seek God and do not seek God (Romans 3:11). God seeks us. He initiates the plan of salvation. He opens our eyes, mind, and heart to our true condition and the punishment for it. He then gives command to seek (Psalm 27:8, Mark 1:15). King David does, most refuse, resist (Act 7:51, 2 Timothy 8:8). In his seeking the Psalmist fears and so ask 3 things: do not hide from me, don’t put me away in your anger, and don’t forsake me. In faith he states that even if his parents forsake him, God will not. 

Teach me 

  1. He wants to know God’s ways of doing thing, His lifestyle, and His rules, to that he may also live this way. 

  2. He wants to be led by God so that he may know, understand, and obey God’s rules. 

Deliver me 

  1. Not to my enemies. The Christian has many enemies. Many times, Christians are harmed and killed. The main enemy is the enemy of our souls—the Devil. The Psalmist knows that only God can deliver (2 Peter 2:9) and that we cannot deliver ourselves (Psalm 34:4). 

  2. Not to false witnesses. These lie so that the believer in God get in trouble Mark 14:56). 

  3. Then he shows his faith in believing that God will deliver him. Even if God does not and he dies, God receives him into heaven (Daniel 3:17-18). 


  1. We must wait patiently for answers to prayer and deliverance (Jeremiah 42:7, Acts 10:31). 

  2. We are to have courage while we wait. This courage is that God will answer when the time is right (Acts 28:15). 

  3. We need God’s help to strengthen our hearts, for we need to be taught that His timing is best. It is God adding to our maturity as Christians (2 Peter 1.5-9). 

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