How to make your children angry

Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged. Colossians 3:21, EMTV
Here are 32 ways to make your child(ren) angry.
1 Setting unrealistic goals. Demanding too much from them as in expecting a 5-year-old to read at the 12th grade level or to have all “A’s” in school.
2 Abuse them in any way.
3 Let them run wild without learning any self-control.
4 Lying to them.
5 Lying about them.
6 Treat them like they are worthless.
7 Be inconsistent. Have them obey one rule for one child and the other doesn’t have to or have all obey a rule for a while and then not obey for a while then return to obeying the rule.
8 Criticize your spouse in front of the children.
9 Never show love or kindness to your spouse, your children, or the pets.
10 Never allow them to express their opinion.
11 When your child asks you why they must do something tell them, “Because I said so.”
12 Often when a child is hurt frequently (as in abuse or a lack of love), they become bitter. When bitterness goes on and on, they become angry. If the irritant (as abuse or lack of love) continues, it might be hate. If hate remains, it may lead to murder. Consider Absalom, King David’s son.
13 Always tell them what not to do, but never tell them the right way to do something.
14 Criticize them frequently.
15 Never listen to them.
16 Break your promises to them.
17 Falsely accuse them of something.
18 Play favorites.
19 Never praise a child for anything good they do. Always point out their faults and weaknesses.
20 Never take an interest in what they are doing. For example, they may say to you, “Daddy, look at this pretty picture I drew for you.” If your child is doing something special in school, never ask how they are doing, never show up when they do this special thing, never listen to them when they tell you what award or honor they have achieved.
21 Tell them you hate them.
22 Tell them they are in your way.
23 Tell them you wish they were never born.
24 Never be sympathetic or empathetic.
25 Have your child be your therapist as in telling them all your worries, fears, sins, etc.
26 Overprotect your child.
27 Never let your child experience failure. Always cover up for their mistakes and blame someone else.
28 Never let your child make a decision. Make all their decisions for them.
29 Don’t do anything with your child. Maybe you like fishing, so don’t take them with you. Maybe they like fishing, so don’t take them fishing.
30 Yell at them a lot.
31 Be arrogant.
32 Tease them about their looks.​​​​​​​
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How to make your children angry
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