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Doublethink is the acceptance of two contradictory ideas or beliefs at the same time. (doublethink. (n.d.). Unabridged. Retrieved April 27, 2015, from website:
Nancy Pearcey authors an article in Evolution News entitled Darwin’s Robots: When Evolutionary Materialists Admit that Their Own Worldview Fails. A couple of quotes from her article are telling
B1 In What Science Offers the Humanities, Edward Slingerland, identifies himself as an unabashed materialist and reductionist. Slingerland argues that Darwinian materialism leads logically to the conclusion that humans are robots that our sense of having a will or self or consciousness is an illusion. Yet, he admits, it is an illusion we find impossible to shake. No one “can help acting like and at some level really feeling that he or she is free.” We are “constitutionally incapable of experiencing ourselves and other conspecifics [humans] as robots.”
A dual consciousness is a signal that contrary evidence from general revelation is being suppressed.
Slingerland acknowledges that his reductionist view of humans as essentially robots is contrary to ordinary experience. Gesturing toward his own daughter, Slingerland writes, “At an important and ineradicable level, the idea of my daughter as merely a complex robot carrying my genes into the next generation is both bizarre and repugnant to me.” Such a reductionistic view “inspires in us a kind of emotional resistance and even revulsion.”
B2 Marvin Minsky of MIT is best known for his pithy phrase that the human brain is nothing but “a three-pound computer made of meat.” Obviously, computers do not have the power of choice; the implication is that neither do humans. Surprisingly, however, Minsky then asks, “Does that mean we must embrace the modern scientific view and put aside the ancient myth of voluntary choice? No. We can’t do that.”
Why not? Minsky goes on: “No matter that the physical world provides no room for freedom of will; that concept is essential to our models of the mental realm.” We cannot “ever give it up. We’re virtually forced to maintain that belief, even though we know it’s false.” False, that is, according to Minsky’s materialist worldview. 
Now think of some of these doublethink statements.
  • Unnamed patient I took care of, “I am Jesus Christ.”
  • Unnamed patient I took care of, “I am the Virgin Mary.”
  • Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland, “I am god.”
  • Unnamed physician who called me at work, “This is god speaking.” I did know who he was, and he was not being funny, Trust me.
We could name many others, but you have met these people yourself. They claim one thing but live another.
  1. The Calvinist (TULIP) who believes in exhaustive determinism who writes that people believe in the doctrine of God’s sovereign but balk at determinism, he becomes angry at his wife for something she does/does not do.
  2. The prophetic healer(?) who becomes sick and requests prayer, or teaches on physical healing in the atonement, the sick are healed, and the dead rise, has glasses, dentures, pacemaker, wheelchair, etc.
  3. The one who believes in speaking reality and God cannot do anything until we speak it, speaks it and nothing happens.
  4. The person who believes in miracle healers today go a healer for healing and nothing happens but still believes it.
  5. The person who thinks they are worthless but have many gifts for the church and society.
  6. The person who thinks they are ugly but miss the obvious beauty that others see.
  7. The person who thinks they are stupid when they are not.​​​​​​​
There are times when we all have experience some of these, but where is the reality?
We should be facing reality.
Another false belief is that we are good. We do not obey any of the Ten Commandments perfectly. We have all lied, stolen, coveted, etc.
We might as well as face reality. The so-called healer, prophet, or teacher that believes in healing, seed faith, “blessings,” etc. are wrong, for where is the reality?
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