Comfort Poem

Oh, trust His love to guide thee,
He is a Prince so wise
That what His hands provide thee
Is wondrous in thine eyes.
And He, if He be willing,
May bring the work about
And thus thy hopes fulfilling
Dispel thy fear and doubt.

It may be for a season
He will no comfort show,
And for some hidden reason
His light will not bestow.
As if no more He heeded
What sorrow was thy share,
Or what relief thou needed
In all thy deep despair.

But if thy sure faith stays thee
When thou art most perplext
He will appear and raise thee
What time thou least expect’st.
He will remove the burden
That presses thy heart down,
And thou shalt have the guerdon
And thou shalt wear the crown.

–Author unknown

Taken from Heidi by J. Spyri
Public Domain

By Choco on 13  Jun 16


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