A Few Thoughts About Discipling Part 1 Introduction

B1 To train in accordance with rules or principles (Source)
B2 DISCIPLE, verb transitive to teach; to train, or bring up. (Source)
B3 Process of making disciples. The apostles went about discipling the believers in Jesus Christ. (Source)
Every Christian must know and defend 3 things
  • · The Gospel
  • · Doctrine (teaching, beliefs, precepts)
  • · Christian life (lifestyle, worldview)
Side note
All Christians need to know what the Gospel is, our teachings are, and our way of life. These have been given to us in the New Testament, by the Lord Jesus, Jesus’s Apostles, and prophets. I just have a few topics here for a start. We are all responsible to study the Scriptures.
I have not covered everything or a defense of the faith, which you will have to find elsewhere. For doctrine, I am briefly covering the attributes of our God, Yahweh. For a Christian worldview, I am only giving a few thoughts on its necessity.
Sometimes I have a question or two for you to ponder.
For my studies, I used the Bible in many different translations. For general reading, I recommend New Living Translation, Good News Translation, and God’s Word. For more serious study, I use Modern English Version, My own translation (WEL), New American Standard, New King James, New Revised Standard Version, New International Version, Young’s Literal Version, and Pickering New Testament. For Greek, I use the Byzantine Text (the Majority Text) mainly. Other books I used are Dictionary of Bible Themes by Manser, Nave’s Topical Bible, Thompson Chain References, Torrey’s New Topical Textbook. For electric Bible Software I use e-Sword, theWord, and Bible Analyzer 5. My main online study Bible is Blue Letter Bible.
It is so especially important to know what we believe and why. We have a reasonable faith. We have answers. The Lord Jesus does not change; He gave us the Gospel and the teaching we need to know what He believes and what He expects from us in living the Christian life.
May God bless your study.
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Thoughts on Discipling Introduction
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