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Devotional Notes Psalm 131+John 19

MORNING Psalm131 B1 What does this mean? C1 This is a Psalm of honesty. C2 He is not bragging about doing or being right. He is just telling the truth. People can use the same words but have a different attitude and motive for those words. Telling the truth with a humble attitude is important. C3 He has quieted himself. This is because of his hope in God to help him. Psalms 42:5 NRSV Why…

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Bible Study Doctrine

The King Dies for His Subjects

A King dies for His Subjects Theme: The Crucified King Objectives: (from the D6 Fusion Sunday School Lesson Book) Know: Jesus’s death united a holy God to sinful people who trust Him. Think: Live conscious of the fact that Christ’s death made salvation and a relationship with God possible. Do: Trust in Christ’s sacrifice and live for Him in appreciation for what He has done for me. Scriptures: Matthew 27:11-54 Notes and questions: B1 Outline…

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Bible Study

The Crucifixion

Lesson 4 The Crucifixion A1 Objectives B1 Describe what happened to Jesus on the Cross. B2 Explain what was accomplished on the Cross. A2 Scriptures B1 John 19:17-37 The Crucifixion B2 Romans 5:6-9 Christ took our place B3 2 Corinthians 5:21 Jesus became sin B4 Isaiah 53:1-12 Prophecy of the Suffering Messiah A3 Notes B1 See the graphics/handout section below A4 Questions B1 When did Jesus’s suffering start? B2 Why the cross? Why not hanging, stoning, or some other method? (“And just…

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