Hard Questions—An Atheistic Worldview?

What are the practical implications of an atheistic worldview?
A1 What is a worldview?
C1 A comprehensive conception or image of the universe and of humanity’s relation to it. Dictionary.com
C2 From Wiktionary—worldview
D1 One’s personal view of the world and how one interprets it.
D2 The totality of one’s beliefs about reality.
D3 A general philosophy or view of life.
C3 Thus you have a Christian worldview, Elizabethan worldview, German worldview, naturalistic worldview, etc.
C4 Basically it is how you or I interpret things that happen in our life. Two people will each have their opinion on a political happening or a personal tragedy.
A2 Some examples
B4 One only needs to search the internet and find many different worldviews coming from theists to nontheists of all types.
A3 Atheist worldview
B1 Viewed from an atheist viewpoint.
B2 Viewed from a theist viewpoint.
A4 Notes
B1 Our worldview not only affects our beliefs but also our actions.
C1 Is drinking alcohol wrong?
C2 Is homosexuality wrong?
C3 Is politics wrong?
C4 What about recreational drugs, cursing, living together before/without marriage, cheating, etc.?
B2 What is the standard for our worldview?
C1 Bible?
C2 Science?
C3 Famous leader?
C4 Friends?
C5 What makes me happy? (hedonism)
B3 If it is the Bible, then
C1 What is its authority? (Is a book of God’s words or men’s words)?
C2 How do you interpret it? (In its plain, normal sense or allegorical, symbolic, etc.)?
C3 Are the Old Testament laws binding on today’s Christian?
B4 How can we decide which worldview is the one to follow/believe?
C1 How are we going to base our decision?
D1 Science?
D2 Bible?
D3 It comes down to me. How do we choose?
C2 All people have a sense God exists sometime during their life. Romans 1:18-21 See here, here, and here     
C3 Jesus is God. See here, here, and here  See Resources to Help You Defend the Deity of Jesus  
C4 Because Jesus is God, His message is the one message to believe.
D1 The written messages are reliable. Four Reasons the New Testament Gospels Are Reliable  
D2 Christians are to reject blind faith and are to embrace a reasonable faith. Consider: Is the Cold-Case Christianity Approach a Gimmick Or A Valuable Filter? ?
D3 Nor is there salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven which has been given among men by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12, EMTV)
D4 He who believes in the Son has eternal life; and he who does not believe the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him. (John 3:36, EMTV)
C5 Proofs for Jesus’s resurrection
D2 A debate between Dr Bert Ehrman and William Lane Craig  (This is the written, not audio).
D5 Many others
C6 The Christian faith is a reasonable faith. An atheistic worldview only leads to the wrong worldview.
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Hard Questions—An Atheistic Worldview?
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